• New book “Full Employment Revisited” just published

    This collection of essays, including contributions from the most distinguished experts in their fields, seeks to present the case for full employment from different perspectives. We have not sought to promote any specific policy but to introduce new ideas and to give a flavour of what might be possible.

    “This is a really important book – identifying full, good quality, fairly remunerated employment as the essential goal of economic and social policy, replacing the present idolatry of eternal but unsustainable “growth”, and the perverse but highly ideological focus on austerity and balanced government budgets. Instead of kow-towing to the interests of finance capital, we need to invest in work-creating “green friendly infra¬structure” to make the UK fit for the future; this book helps point the way.”

    Ann Pettifor, economist and author of Just Money

    To purchase the book online, click here.


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